A Reliable Way to Bring In New Patients Every Month

We help dental practices bring in more patients each month through a proven, measurable marketing system

Find New Prospective Patients

Through laser-focused targeting specific to each procedure, we advertise your services in front of those who are most likely to be interested in what you offer.

Educate and Build Trust

Nowadays, patients come to your door armed with information. We position you at the forefront of this education process, so that you can build trust with prospective patients.

Book More Appointments

Using a three step process that finds, nurtures and converts leads into patients, you’ll get more patients in your door each month that you can turn into loyal evangelists.

Our Tools

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Measurable, scalable, repeatable… we love pay per click!

Our research shows that the most successful practices are spending $3,000 – $15,000 on pay-per-click ads per month, and are seeing an average return of 400% on this advertising spend. Do it wrong and it’s a money pit. Maybe you’ve even tried it and had little success. Done right, however, it’s an integral part of any well-rounded digital marketing program.

Automated Email Follow-Ups

Email is the highest-ROI form of online marketing around

Only 3% of website visitors are ready to take action on first visit, but an additional 20-50% are likely to book an appointment down the road with you or a competitor. Once you have a prospect on your website, it’s IMPERATIVE that you capture their information and follow up through a systematic, automated series of emails that builds trust over time.

Marketing Analytics & Reporting

What gets measured gets improved. What doesn’t…doesn’t.

While we focus on all the intermediate metrics (clickthrough rates, time on page, etc.) we know the most important metric is return on investment — dollars received to dollars spent. We cut out the fluff and show you the metrics that really matter for your business (but we’re happy to show you everything in between, too.)

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the cornerstone of online marketing

You’ve heard of SEO. You probably get emails about it daily. You know how important it is. But do you really understand it? Are you on page 1 for all the keywords you should be? SEO takes time, but along with pay-per-click it’s the other key pillar of digital marketing success. Once in place, it is a marketing asset that will generate new business for years to come.

Content Marketing

Educate and build trust with prospects over time

Whether you call it Inbound Marketing or Content Marketing, it’s all the rage lately — and for good reason. Patients these days come armed to the hilt with knowledge and research they’ve done online. The practices that lead this education process through through text and video will be the ones that stick in the minds of prospects.

Ongoing Optimization

Great marketing requires continuous improvement

With metrics comes the ability to make improvements. Rather than ‘guessing’ what will work, we run experiments called “a/b tests” (or split tests) in everything we do. We split test ads, copy, email subject lines, lead magnets, and even our target audiences to ensure that we’re ever evolving and improving your return on investment.

Innovative, Custom Web Solutions

DentalSpark also provides top tier website design and development services to better support your new marketing campaign

Meet Our Founders

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