Important Web Design Considerations for Dental Practices

Designing for a dental practice isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. There are many trust-building obstacles to overcome when attempting to convert a prospect into a patient. If executed poorly, your dental practice’s website can work against you, scaring potential patients away from your practice. If executed properly, however, your dental practice’s website can work to jumpstart your practice with consistent, paying patients.

The question we get asked most often when it comes to web design for dental practices like yours is: “Does design really affect my web performance in a big way? Can’t we just get a basic site whipped up in a few days?”

The answer is yes, it does really affect your web performance, and no, you cannot afford to waste time and resources setting up a subpar website that will end up working against you in the end. Settling for a poor website is a classic one step forward, two steps back scenario, and makes it much harder for our marketing team to build your online presence properly.

So, how does one create a dental practice website that both builds trust with prospective clients as well as actively drives new patient business?

Put on your thinking caps, its psychology time!

Just like college…

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